Sub cable length?

Should I match the length of my speaker cables to the length of my high-level sub cable?

I’ve got an LFD/Mistral amp with LFD Spiroflex Speaker Wire (3 meters) to B&W 805’s and using a REL S/3 SHO sub with the stock power and speaker cables. I was going to get a Snigal Cable and was unsure if it made any difference between the standard 6ft (which is plenty long enough for my needs) or get a 10ft to better match the 3-meter speaker cables.


And sorry if this was a dumb question, I didn't find this in any past threads. 
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Just make sure it's on the chubby side.. Bass likes big copper.. Just works!!

Electricity travels at the speed of light, not much time difference between 6 feet or 60 feet. 
Doesn’t matter.  Keep in mind that the sub’s driver is in a physically different box, therefore, it’s already not time aligned with the main speaker’s drivers
Hi Colindshots!  All the responses so far are fine. but not specific enough for a newbie. Length is not a problem; just use 14 gauge, or heavier (lower numbers). I have used 14 gauge solid core wire in 70+ foot runs in auditorium installations with no problems. 14 gauge lamp cord will do. Happy Listening!
I moved from the stock cable to the REL upgrade cable for REL S/5 SHO and felt there was a slight improvement