Sub- 700 New/used Integrated Amps-Recos?

In pursuit of good sound on a limited budget (and with a limited amount of space, too) what do you all recommend in the way of integrated amps? I currently have Adcom separates, and want to go to an integrated to save space. Reading reviews of some of the integrateds available today make me think I can probably upgrade my sound a little in the process. I am considering used or demo models like the Arcam 8R, Analogue Puccini SE, Musical Fidelity A3, Creek 5250, or a Denon PMA-2000R. I am using Spica TC50 speakers. I do play records, so phono stage is an issue. Opinions please?
Audio Refinement Complete. And no, not because I have one for sale but because I think it sounds damned good for the money and fits in your budget.
Oh, there are low-cost outboard phono stages from Rotel, Creek, or NAD to meet your vinyl needs...
Sonic FRontiers produces an integrated amp under the Anthem name that might be of interest. It does not have a phono stage but does combine a solid state amplifier with a tube preamp that We felt outperformed our combo of a Adcom GFA-555 and Anthem Pre-2l tube pre-amp. We used one in our system until power needs surpassed the integrated's limit (90 watts @ 8, 145 watts @ 4). I realize that with a retail of $1800 you may not have considered it, but We have one for sale and would be willing to sell for very close to your budget. (You can find a review of the Anthem Int 2 at under the Archives link) Email if interested. Best of Luck
Curt and Emily
bryston B60 can be had with phono stage
TAS does 3 intergrateds in the latest issue/ worth reading 4U.
The Bryston, Anthem Int 2 and Audio Refinement Complete all are a little outside my price range, more like $800-900, plus phono stage. However, reading the reviews (both pro and consumer) seem to indicate they are worth it. I guess I'll just have to wait a few months 'til I can scrape up the cash for the difference.

Amongst consumer reviewists at who actually listened to a large selection of amps in this price range, they seemed to split pretty evenly between the B-60 and the Complete. Since I would like to have a low-maintenence system (no tubes) that pretty much narrows my choices. Thanks for the input.