sub 500 turn table

hi , i'd like some input on a entry level turntable, i've narrowed it down to a new MusicHall mm5($420) or Nad 533($348) but open for suggestions....
i've bought many items used off 'gon and ebay but i'm a lil worried about a non original boxed purchase of a tt(fed-ex gorilla's)

currently i'm running:
arc ls-3
2 parasound 1200II's bi.
rega planet
meadowlark kestrel's (hr)
audioquest ic's,cables
pro-ject phono box just purchased new off ebay for $40
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
A Used Rega 3 With RB 300 might be had for less
You should be able to find a used VPI HW-19 Junior with tonearm (such as an Audioquest) for around $500. The "Jr." is a good table, and has the advantage of offering an upgrade path all the way to the HW-19 Mk4.
One of the best budget 'tables I've played with is the SystemDek IIx. Well built and inexpensive, leaving you some coin for a decent cartridge (Shure or Denon?)
I thoroughly enjoy my Musichall MMF-5. What sold me was the inclusion of a decent cartridge at the asking price. I won it on an audiogon auction for $350 new, making it almost $200 cheaper than a used Rega planar 3 by the time I bought a cartridge.

I second the suggestion of the VPI because of the upgrade path, not to mention two other facts -- VPI's are great turntables, no matter which model and VPI is an American company. In these days of troubling times, anything we can do to support our government, our way of life (freedom of choice), and our economy has the highest priority for me.