Sub $1K Floorstanders for NAD C320BEE

I'm looking for a pair of budget floorstanders to match with an NAD 320BEE integrated. I listen mainly to light rock and jazz. Thanks.
wharfedale evos...or pick up a pair of used castles(remarkable)
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Monitor oracoustic energy are good choices. Phil brady
Totem Sttaf... under $1K used
I would recommend the Triangle Altea ES. You will never run out of power or dynamics. Arthur
audio physic yara on audiogon for $1075 or used vandersteen 2ce's. Different sounds, both very enjoyable.
Kef iQ7. Not the end-all be-all but, efficient and relatively full range.
I've got a very nice pair of Paradigm Studio 80s, rosenut veneer, sitting in their boxes right now - well under $1,000...
I have a pair of Pinnacle Classic Gold Towers that I am selling. These are good speakers for 2-channel or home theater.E-mail me if you are interested at
Totem Arro or Sttaf.
i have heard paradigms on nad amps and they are a great match for that type of music.