Stylus supplier

Does anyone remember the name of a stylus supplier that I think was a one man business somewhere in the eastern half of the US. I'm pretty sure that the company is now out of business and the man may not be with us anymore. I think that his source was supposed to be a Swiss manufacturer. If someone remembers this, I would be interested in any info and opinions about the product. I bought one of those styli a number of years ago for a Shure V15 type V cartridge and forgot whatever info I had about it. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Well, I've answered my own question. The name I was seeking is Ed Saunders. Apparently, the styli were Pfanstiehl brand. Those that he sold were supposedly made to his specs. and were personally inspected by him. The little research I did says that, while the company was under his control, his styli did sound good. My Shure V15 Type V sounds fine with the Ed Saunders stylus.  Otherwise, it's all ancient history now, 

Thanks for answering your own query.

Knew the answer, but couldn't access it (and it was bugging me out).

Purchased a few things from Ed a long time ago.