Stylus skipping at beginning of record

I’ve adjusted my anti-skating to maximize the SQ of my records.  However, a problem exists in that if I don’t cue up the needle very close to the first recorded groove on the record it skips ahead two or three grooves before playback begins.
Does anyone else have this situation?


OP, you never answered if it was only after you adjusted the anti-skate that the issue developed, if so then retrack your steps and you will find the issue there. Enjoy the music


The technician had set it at zero antiskate. Of course the problem was acute. 
I then experimented with various settings.  When I increased the antiskating  level it didn’t skip at all but the sound was dull. I then lowered the antiskating a bit and the sound was the best I heard it. The needle still skipped but not as much.

I just increased the tracking force and that seems to have improved things further.

This post reminds me of shooting at things in the dark without night vision, just hit and miss.

@rvpiano glad to help!

@tooblue shooting in a dark…why’s that?

I set up my cartridge using Dr. Feichert’s latest protractor. Overhang, VTA and VTF were all set based on instructions and then slightly fine tuned by ear. In solving the lead in groove skipping I had conversations with Upscale Audio, where I purchased my cartridge (excellent support by the way, kudos to Kat and Bill from their analog department), as well as with Musical surroundings (the USA distributor for Hana). I followed their recommendations to troubleshoot this issue and eventually minimized it to an extremely occasional occurrence which isn’t a big deal.
@rvpiano and I have the same cartridge, Hana ML and I shared my experience here with him. Are you making assumptions that no one here knows what they’re doing?