Stylus retipping

Contemplating retipping my shelter 7000 with ruby cantilever and optomized contour nude contact line diamond by Soundsmith.Has anyone had this work done by Soundsmith and what was the results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I have had a few of the Soundsmith Ruby Cantilever and Optomized Contour rebuilds . They were a Denon 103R and more important to you , both a Shelter 501 mkII & 901 .

I can state without reservation that all were improved as far as sound goes , by far better than what the NEW Original Cartridge was . It's like getting a new and much more expensive Cartridge for $350.00 .

There workmanship is outstanding . The only drawback I can see is the 8-10 weeks it takes to get your Cartridge back .
I have not had work done on a Shelter but the repair Soundsmith performed on my cartridge was superb and price was below any other option I could find.

A friend in my audio group sent his Dynavector in and had ruby cantilever added after he broke his stylus.

I admit I have not heard it myself, but he claims it's better than when new. Overall I have heard nothing but positive comments about Peter and Soundsmith
Albertporter thank you for the info I am looking for an upgrade there is nothing wrong with my current cartridge but the price is so reasonable that it seems like a good move. Question looking at your system how did you get those subs to blend with your speakers it must of taken a lot of patience. It must sound fantastic.

Tubeo thanks for the information thats what I wanted to hear. Did you end up tracking lighter or the same as before and did the break in take long. How long did you wait for your cartridge. Happy listening.
Sound Smith performed a ruby re-tip on my Technics 310MC cartridge. It changed the entire character of the 310MC for the better. Turn around time was the only down side.
Needfreestuff ,

I did end up Tracking the Shelters at 1.70 grams which is a little lighter than Shelter's optimum midpoint recommendation .

All of the re-builds took from 6 to 10 weeks from the date I shipped until the day received . I always have a couple of Cartridges on hand just in case . If you don't have a back-up Cartridge , you could buy a used one here on the Gon to get you thru the wait .

Good luck
I use a Cartridge which was retipped from Soundsmith, too. Excellent result and it was not expensive.
... This is our most economical rebuilding service. We employ an assembly comprising a ultra-light weight "Nude Elliptical" diamond for low moving mass, and an aluminum alloy cantilever. This represents what WAS found in most high quality cartridges in the past, and surprisingly, is often better than what is currently supplied as "original equipment" with new cartridges often costing over $1000.

Well done.