Stylus repair help needed

I am looking for a gentleman from Germany that refurbishes cartridges. I think his name is Alex? I need a stylus replaced and would rather not replace the entire cartridge. It is a clear audio virtuoso wood mm. I heard sound smith does good work but it's a lengthy process. Any help would be appreciated.
I know what you are going through, that cantilever is hanging way out there just waiting for something to break it off!. Feeling brave? You can do this yourself. Otherwise Alex's contact information is at the end of this post.

From glrickababy at Vinyl Engine/Audio Circle w Pics:

At the risk of causing a furor in the market place, the
Clearaudio Aurum series up through the virtuoso are
basically a reworked AT95E body with a metal or wooden
top. Therefore, the ATN95E, ATN95HE or ATN95SA stylus'
available from LP Gear will fit. Simply pry out the little
black plastic plug and insert the replacement. If you want
to maintain the original appearance, clip off the plastic
"wings" with a small pair of wire clippers before inserting into the cartridge body. The Clearaudio body is slightly shorter so if you don't clip off the "wings" there will be a little gap which doesn't hurt anything. The HE and SA versions available from LP Gear are the Hyperelliptical and Shibada stylus while the basic ATN95E is a .4 x .7 elliptical stylus which is probably not as good sound wise in the Beta S or Virtuoso body. I've had exceptional
sound with the LP Gear HE and have not tried the Shibata.
LPGear imports these two and they are probably not made
by Audio Technica. All units are bonded and the OEM is
probably a "nude" elliptical in at least the Aurum S and
Virtuoso. I have no way of knowing whether Audio Technica
makes the cartridge body to Clearaudio specifications
or whether they are a standard AT95E body like the K-9
which can also take the same stylus. I know the HE version
has very exceptional sound and will try the Shibata some day.
Broken Clearaudios seem to be fairly available on Ebay and
Audiogon so this is a good approach to a very reasonable
Clearaudio retip. I'm sure that Clearaudio is not
happy about this public revelation!

Axel has quick turnaround when stacked up against the competition:

Axel Schürholz ( Axel Schuerholz )
Bachstr. 23 B
59590 Geseke / Germany
Ust-IdNr.: DE 125744726
Fon: +49 ( 0 )2942-987853
Fax: +49 ( 0 )2942-9749223
Mobil:+49 ( 0)171-5830385
Mail :
Thanks for the response! I apologize, I posted this in two different forums but I think I got what I needed. Tubed, have you tried this? I am intrigued as it does not seem to tough but I certainly would not want to do more damage! Let me know what you think. Thanks again.
Drewdown, no I have not attempted this upgrade yet. Mine sounds decent as it stands. Someday I will attempt a Shibata, yes. The transplant of the new stylus would take a steady hand. but it does not appear to be more difficult than replacing any other MM/MI stylus.

If your stylus is bent or MIA there is no additional damage to be done there. However, with a Clearaudio V Wood currently having a $1k list price you may be right in thinking chicken on it and leaving the details to Axel. Pressure fited nude line stylus in a tapered aluminum cantilever should result in a "better than stock" CA V-Wood.
Well, I gave it a shot and was successful! It sounds fantastic! The only question I have is if you can now remove the case around the stylus? I plays with it on obviously, just not sure if you can snap it out of now that it has been installed?! Thanks so much for the heads up!! Great fix! I did get the HE not the shibata.
Any other place then LP to get the stylus they bumped there prices from $129 for the SA to $199 in the last week or so quite a jump I don't assume he makes them must be getting then from somewhere else.