Stylus Question for AR ES- Table--Survey adivce

Hi all friends----I just purchased from an Audiogon member this table AR-ES-1 , It comes with a Sumiko Premier MMT tonearm and Grado ZT+ Cartridge.

What Cart would you suggest to replace this basic stylus? I appreciate your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I stay Grado or something else?

Thanks for your suggestion and or direction to find a very nice Cart, budget is up for debate, looking for the big bang for the buck!

MY Best!
Audio Technica AT150MLX
The AT is good but not the easiest to set up, better for the more experienced. Not knowing the rest of your system or your taste I would suggest that the Denon 110 is very good and a great buy. It is a high output MC which will work into MM inputs. The new Ortofon moving magnet line [Red, Blue etc] is very good and reasonably priced. Any of these will give you very good sound without spending a lot of money. I would start with something like this and only spend more if I was dissatisfied with the sound. I have the Denon and Ortofon Red myself and could live with either.
Thanks for the feedback, Tough decision, leaning toward Denon 110, allot of good ink on on the web.

Thanks again!