Stylus Microscope

Looking for recommendations for a digital microscope to check out the condition of my stylus and cantilever.  My preference is one that does not require the whole cartridge to be removed for viewing (I don't have a removable head shell or stylus on my cartridge.  I've been wondering how much of an impact on the stylus the playing of my records of high school has had.

Thanks for a few suggestions.
With these USB microscopes what program do you use to measure VTA? 
See my post "Microscope for stylus inspection" from May, 2007.
Keep in mind with many of these high powered scopes, say above 200x, the focal length is typically so short that if your cart is still on the arm, you’ll probably have a he!! of a time getting the scope close enough to get the stylus in focus. Just my own experience; others may have had better luck. 
azimuth check
also sometimes the mounting of diamond is not exactly normal. eliminate Alot of guesswork on sra  especially fine stylus. especially when we are still not used to align by ears at least get them on spec first 

It's cheap investment anyway. HD ones in Ali is good enough
find Michael fremer you tube.