Stylus Microscope

Anyone out there try one of those USB digital microscopes to view their styli? Looks like a good affordable solution. Any other ideas you might suggest? I have a few carts. to evaluate so I can give prospective buyers an honest description of their condition.
Thanks for any info or ideas, Chris
Could you post a link to the microscope you are speaking of?
search the archives. There was a recent thread on this exact subject.
i use a dino-lite 211 for measuring sra. it does the job nicely. what you do need is a very stable support for the scope, like a decent tripod and a macro focusing rail. i posted a discussion on another forum about this. i was coached by wally malewicz and michael fremer on how to measure sra using the scope. they were vary helpful.
In my view, all USB microcopes at the hobby level (means cheap) are close to useless.

I have designed a built a DIY stylus microscope patterened after the virtually unavailable Shure SEK-2. This DIY project is written up and posted on the Audio Karma forum. Here is the link:

If you want a microscope that really works you should check it out.
Mechans, actually, I haven't taken the time yet to research it yet. Thought I would check here first. I saw something in a catalog that we received in the mail which piqued my interest. Now I can't seem to put my finger on it. Might have already been recycled.