stylus force

I have a Grado MF-3 on a new tt I just picked up. could anyone tell me the recommended tracking force?

Many thanks
Your MF3 is the equilavent of todays Grado Blue. Tracking force recommended is 1.5 grams.
Since this thread is started: Is there any harm in tracking at a lower weight (1 gram)? Thanks.
Yes, there is. The stylus can lose contact with the groove walls causing damage. Too little force is way worse than too much. Many Grados actually track better at 1.6-1.7 grams in some arms.
If you are prepared to tune by ear you could very well end up less than say the recommended 1.5gms.The manufacturer's spec is really a guide only but I don't think you would end up as low as 1gm.However go to Loyd Walker's site and look at the FAQ about tuning your turntable to learn about this it,is really required reading.Here is a link
Great advice. Thanks Viridian and Stefan1.
FYI Sota Jewel table, Jelco arm, Goldring Cart.