Stylus for Audio Technica AT 15EA Cartridge

Hi all,

I suspect I have the answer already, but need to confirm before purchase.

Will the AUDIO-TECHNICA ATN-20 stylus ( I can get from LP Gear for $280) fit the AT 15 cartridge?

I recall reading that the stylus are interchangable between the well regarded 15 & 20 cartridges.
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If you have any doubts,you should get a 15 type stylus. The 15 sa goes for $129.00 and it will fit for sure.
Regards, Soundfan: AT15 & AT20 styli are interchangeable. If you're looking at the ATN20SS ("Super Shibata") with the beryllium cantilever it's TOTL. Jewel quality stylus on a fine beryllium cantilever, a refined performer.

For a slightly warmer response or back-up stylus, look at the ATN15XE from StereoNeeldles. Be sure to confirm it's an original AT.

Thanks for the responses.

In fact I ended up purchasing an AT-20SLa Cartridge instead of an AT-15. Apparently it still has it's original stylus fitted, so want to buy a back up or replacement, depending on it's condition when I receive it.

So I guess the ATN-20 stylus from LP Gear may be my best bet?
I have been trying to source an ATN20SS, but LP Gear no longer carry them.

I did place a WTB in the classifieds, will see how I go.
Or, perhaps another option would be the ATN-15SS Stylus, since the two are interchangeable, and I'm believing both 15 and 20 SS (Super Shibata) stylus replacements would have the Beryillium Cantilever as well.

Haven't checked at LP Gear in a long long time, the ATN-15SS may also be MIA.

I vaguely remember one other source for authentic AT Stylus' but cannot recall the dealer offhand at the moment.
Perhaps a web search?