Stylus Cleaning Rituals

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So, please, briefly describe your Stylist / Needle Cleaning Rituals.
How often (in hours played?)
Procedure used.
Products used.

For me over the years (~45 and counting) I use Disc Doctor Stylus Cleaner on a Disc Doctor 'Pad' and pull it across the diamond outward (only one direction).  As it 'sees' the record when playing. 
I follow up with two 'placements' on a Zerodust Onzow 'gel type convex pad'  I clean it ~6 months with hot water, there is spots of gunk on the clear gel pad!
About once every 5-6 hours of play.

Seems to be doing the trick, but you never know if your are missing something critical or doing untold damage.

Magic Eraser at the beginning of each session. Followed by a stiff stylus  brush then a soft brush. I use Zerostat if needed which I gauge with the hair on my forearm which is very static sensitive. Thereafter the stylus gets cleaned every other side using the same routine. No Last or Stylast. but all records are cleaned with Record Doctor using MFSL cleaners. Thereafter every album gets brushed before play
Just got a ultrasonic cleaner that I'm ready to use soon. 
Remember when Linn said to use sandpaper??

As King Arthur would say, "What do you mean? Wet or dry sandpaper?"

Lyra spt 1st before each side.
After each side Blu Tak on a coin as suggested by Soundsmith.
Once in a while Stylast Cleaner.
Check with a magnifying glass often, just can't see what's on stylus
without it. If there is something on it, one of those little black stiff brushes
or soft brush then Blu Tak. 
The Thread has veered of  a little at times from the Op's inquiry.
This offering from myself has taken the same veer, but might be worthwhile to look into.
The link has a quite affordable device that is known to reduce Static on a LP.
Indirectly less dust collection will occur and hopefully lesser requirement to clean the Stylus.