Stylus Cleaning Rituals

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So, please, briefly describe your Stylist / Needle Cleaning Rituals.
How often (in hours played?)
Procedure used.
Products used.

For me over the years (~45 and counting) I use Disc Doctor Stylus Cleaner on a Disc Doctor 'Pad' and pull it across the diamond outward (only one direction).  As it 'sees' the record when playing. 
I follow up with two 'placements' on a Zerodust Onzow 'gel type convex pad'  I clean it ~6 months with hot water, there is spots of gunk on the clear gel pad!
About once every 5-6 hours of play.

Seems to be doing the trick, but you never know if your are missing something critical or doing untold damage.

@millercarbon, might you be willing to describe your Zerostat routine? Every source seems to say something different.
I choose among the various stylus brushes that dwell on the turntable shelf. Normally, I’ll use either of my two stiff brushes. If there’s just a single hair festooned to the stylus I’ll brush it away with a slender, very gentle watercolor paint brush. If I truly hear grunginess as I listen I’ll juice my Professional Electronic Stylus Cleaner with a drop of Stylast System Formula 4, put the machine onto the platter, turn it on, lower the needle onto the machine with the tonearm cuing lever and let it buzz for a couple seconds.
I was using Stylast but after when I cleaned with Blu Tak there was
always a lot of black on the Blu Tak. I switched to the Lyra stuff &
now no black junk. 
A friend has been through multiple methods and is a advocate of the use of Jewelry Putty.
@millercarbon, might you be willing to describe your Zerostat routine? Every source seems to say something different.

The Zerostat is nothing more than a piezoelectric crystal that generates an ion stream off of the pointy needle inside the end of the gun. Squeeze and ions stream, release and cations stream. The trick is to squeeze and release slow and gradual. If it clicks going either way you are going too fast. 

It is not a huge amount either way, and it is not very effective, nor does it last very long. To me it mostly is a ritual. Although occasionally some speck of dust is on there, the Zerostat will be enough to let you blow it off.

Anyway, I put the record on, clamp it down, start it spinning and then squeeze from outside to inside, release from inside to outside, done. Whole thing is maybe 5 seconds.  

Another one of these things people can obsess over, worrying about how it is used, when really it is dealing with static electricity. Something that changes from day to day and record to record and probably a lot of the time whatever benefit you got is erased by new charges being generated while the record is playing. Not something I would spend any time worrying about. Not even something I would buy, if I didn't already have one.