Stylus Cleaners: A magnet for Dust?

I use Record Research stylus cleaner, and then Stylast preservative after on the needle, which seem to create a hair ball on the needle within a 1 or 2 LP sides. This is even after VPI16.5ing my records. What gives?
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That sounds odd, it might be that in a dry environment static electricity is attracing dust to the records. I use LP#9 stylus cleaner and have had no such problems.
yeah, it does appear you're creating static electricity. have you tried degaussing when you clean? -cfb
Since we're on the there any harm in using a Disc Washer stylus cleaner DRY? I also tend to pick up dust sometimes even after cleaning with a VPI. I'm out here in the desert with EXTREMELY low humidity. Happy Tunes, all!
Degaussing, is that some sort of dance of stripping ritual :)? I am not familar with the term, could you please explain?

I live in Oakland Cal,near the water and humidity isnt a problem here.

Degaussing is a magnetic process. I think what we are talking about is neutralizing the static charge buildup. I'm not sure why the stylus cleaning is effecting the static buildup but when ever you rub two surfaces together you can generate a static charge. This is happening both when cleaning the stylus and when playing the record.

Low humidity will make the static generation worse. The solution used with the stylus cleaner will help limit the static creation (I think).

I've had reasonably good luck using the DiscWasher ZeroStat. The ZeroStat shoots stream of ions onto the record to neutralize any residual charge buildup following the cleaning process.

BTW even living in So. Cal. by the beach we sometimes have some low humidity days.


It's possible that the VPI is not correctly setup and is leaving a film of wet mush on the records. The angle and the cleanliness of the pick-up tube are critical.
I used to apply Stylast "liquid" to the stylus(to prolong the life of the diamond) before I play a record. But no more now. Better safe than sorry. I heard the "liquid" might affect the adhesive compound(making it soft) that hold the diamond to the cantilever! That is BAD NEW !!! Even thought my Denon DL-103 is not an expensive cartridge. It took me a while to find a good sounding one since the frequency reponse of each DL-103 are difference!
Do you guy have any thought on the harmful effect of all those "liquid" that apply to the stylus?