Stylus Buildup?

What is that white stuff I'm constantly removing from the tip of my stylus? My Nitty Gritty looks like it's doing the job yet some records just leave more deposit.
Lint. The air is littered with it. Using a stylus brush?
To Newbee's question I would add are you doing a destat of some type before you play? And are you using a brush as well? I think that the reason some records have or produce more than others is due to the amount of static charge in the album. Or at least that has been my theory. Could be right could be wrong.
Wax. Some cleaners dry up the pressing release agent, but do not remove it. So it is a dry, ultra thin layer of waxy (invisible until scraped) white stuff uniform on the surface. Your needle scrapes it off. It is no big deal. Change cleaning fluids if you want to stop having it.
If not, it is NOT hurting anything
It is sort of like dandruff. Some LPs will have it, some will not.
Many thanks for the quick responses. Stylus always gets to the brush before each play. I must dig up that anti-stat gun and see if it makes a difference.