Stylus break in

Hi there good fellow 'Goners!

Just a quick issue that I need some advice on. My phono pre will arrive on Friday this week. Rigth nwo I have my cart all set up and dialed in, at least concerning overhang, azimuth, etc.
I was toying around with the idea of trying to break the cart in a bit by playing some lp's without actually having the tonearm leads hooked up so that when my pre arrives, the cart will have some time under its belt.

Is this wise or no? Better to wait? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
It won't hurt, but the tonearm leads need break-in, too. Without current flowing, the wiring won't break in even though the cartidge may be getting some exercise.

A consideration: I always wonder about my own cartridge set up accuracy. If I couldn't hear it, I'd worry about whether I somehow have something awry that I'd only know about if I could hear what's happening.
Thats a very good point Rushton. I am forgeting the fact that must adjustments are made by ear. Thanks for the reminder.
I don't think that it is so much of an issue of the stylus breaking in, as of the suspension breaking in. You can try just resting the stylus on a record without the record turning and get some benefit.
Dear Mariasplunge: IMHO I think is better to wait for your phonopre. What if something is wrong with the cartridge that with playing ( with out listening ) goes from bad to worse? .
Btw, it is always interesting to hear how the quality cartridge performance goes changing with the time playing!!!

Here in my country the people say: " not for wake up early dawn early "

Regards and enjoy the music.
I wouldn't, for the reasons above. I'd just wait and play music after it's all set up. It will sound fine even through the break in period - may as well get some listening enjoyment from the break in cycles too.

Aaahh sounds so muuch better in español "no por mucho madrugar amanece mas temprano..." and also very true as with the cartridge and other aspects of life as well.
As to the isue of tonearm leads and break in,here you have a signal that is SO small,it makes no sense to worry about a disconnect.I doubt the cable can realy ever be broken in to the extent of a cable carrying more "stuff"!This should carry to the arm leads(within) as well.
Don't worry so much,and just enjoy your music.
Dear Jmr: Very good your Spanish, congratulations!!, I can't say the same for my English: still learning.

regards and enjoy the music.

Thanks very much, but it better be, same as you, spanish is my native. As to your english, I am sure a lot of english speaking folks would love to dominate spanish as you do english; moreover your your continuos contributions and sharing of experiences shows no deficiencies at all.
Keep up the good postings !