Stylus bent - AT120E/T, Technics 1200

Bad day...

For a while now, I've been trying to find the source of sssssemblence and tracking issues in my setup. It's all very subtle so I would hit-and-miss make some change to VTF, anti-skate and arm height. My though all along was that it was a setup issue.

However, I was reading through some past threads and started to really focus on the cart itself. Wouldn't you know it... it seems the stylus is bent.

Pics here:

So first, I assume this is not fixable? Second, if it's not, what do I replace it with? The same? Upgrade the whole cart?

This is quite troubling as I have been looking at this for over a couple months never thinking it was a cart issue. I haven't played alot of records, but *sigh* I hope I haven't done any damage to my stuff...

It looks to me like your cantilever is deflected to the outside. Is this also true when the stylus is NOT in the groove? If yes, then the cantilever is bent and at that price point, not worth trying to find a repair source. You can buy a new stylus for somewhere between about $10 and $80 or a new cartridge for about $110. You may want to search and/or post to the long running thread about MM vs MC carts as there is a host of valuable info there regarding replacement stylii for MM carts.

If it is not true; i.e., if the cantilever is properly aligned when it is out of the groove, then I think it's probably a set-up issue; most likely anti-skate.

Good luck, Martinman.
You could try using a little extra anti-skate. It might straighten the cantilever angle. Do you know if the cantilever was like that when new?

There are some different replacements including the ATN150MLX, which sounds excellent on a 120/440 body, but first it might be a good idea to figure out the cause.
Guys - thanks for the help. I bought the 1200 used and just am now noticing some strangeness with playback. The cart just wasn't tracking well for the past few months so I finally started to look into things (i've had it for a year).

Long story short, I ran through a setup - protractor setup, cart alignment, azimuth, vtf, vta, anti-skate and got things back to somewhat normal. I still notice some slight distortion on my test records during the complicated pass. This is the test record i"m using:

Has some very slight problems with orcestral bell tracks.
I was able to gently straighten out stylus using tweezers.
An AT120E stylus replacement is just $69.95 from LpGear. Given your other thread about upgrading from an SL1200, it's this bent cantilever that's driving you crazy and making a good setup impossible.

You bought it used anyway. These kinds of rough edges can be expected. Replace the stylus.
Hi Johnnyb53 -- Thanks for your input. I've been following your thread on the AT150MLX cart and respect your option quite a bit. After I ran though the setup, things sound better, but not perfect. The stylus is still a skew slightly though. I suppose that this could be contributing to the issue?
upgrade to an AT150MLX, try LPGear