Stylus and Cantilever Cleaning - DAP Blue Stik

I recently had a good cartridge rebuilt by Soundsmith.  Their documentation included how to clean the stylus and cantilever using a material known as "Blue Stik."  The use of any adhesive on these delicate motor parts was terrifying, but I had to trust Soundsmith on their recommendation.

I tested the material precisely as described by Soundsmith.  The cantilever was not torn away from the cartridge, the stylus remained in place.  The "before and after" results indicated that the cleaning wa successful.  

I bought an extra package of the material and took it to the home of a high-end equipment manufacturer (a skeptic) to test on his reference table / cartridge.  I promised to replace his cartridge if anything went wrong.  Using the opening tracks on "Empire of the Sun" as a "before and after" reference we used the Blue Stik on a coin to clean his stylus and cantilever.  There as a dark color deposited on the Blue Stik wad from the stylus.  The difference between before the cleaning and after was immediate and obvious.  There was significant improvement.

I can't speak for EVERY cartridge, cantilever and stylus, but on the Soundsmith rebuilt cartridge and the [sorry, I am sworn to secrecy] reference cartridge, the Blue Stik did a masterful and clearly audible job of stylus and cantilever cleaning.    

I have been using it for a few years on various carts from $1000-$3500 and in all cases it works great. The stylus on all my carts look pristine even after hundreds of hours on them. I had used a magic eraser and that works pretty much the same, but the blue tak is easier to use and seems to work a little better. I do not use it every time, generally just the first time I start playing records for the day/evening,  I still use a brush here and there if I feel there is dirt on the stylus in between sides. 

But no harm is had from using the DAP Bluetak
The test with your friend proved the most important point, which is:

You need to regularly clean the stylus on your cartridge if you want good sound from records.