Stylast: Yay or Nay

Been using Stylast for years. I had a benz Reference for 4 years. Had my dealer dust off his stylus microscope and there was virtually no wear. Just traded my Reference for a Benz Ruby 3. But I keep hearing rumors of Stylast migrating up the cantilever and gunking things up. But it also seems the people saying that sell cartridges. If you're careful and only apply to the stylus, I think it's first rate stuff! Any thoughts?
Also been using Stylast (and LAST) for many years, on a variety of different cartridges, and never had any problem. The key is to apply the liquid only to the stylus itself.
I would hesitate using any liquid stylus cleaner on a hollow type cantilver, where it has been reported as more likely to have problems with migration into the coil area. Otherwise on a solid rod canti..judicious and careful use should be fine IMO.
I've never seen water migrate up the outside of a drinking straw. And, most liquid stylus cleaners and treatments, like stylast have viscosities that deter "capillary action" or are solvents that will disappate quickly. I don't buy into this capillary action nonsense. I've experimented on ruined hollow shaft cantilevers about 8 years ago and viewed the lack of migration with my 100 to 250 power binocular style microscope (purchased at a college auction for only $30!).

If you like Stylast, I'd keep using it. BTW, Garth Leerer, who is the U.S. distributor of Benz recommends RRL LP#9, which is a liquid solvent stylus cleaner. Since he is the guy that is responsible for all warranty in the US for the Benz, Clear Audio and Koetsu lines, I'll trust his opinion ...

I use that Zerodust bubble and Stylast on every play and LP#9 every 3 or 4 plays. I put the LP#9 on with the bottle brush and then clean with the stiffer brush. I've been told I'm doing it in reverse, but it's my cartridge....