Stylast compatibility ZYX cartridges

I understand liquid lubricants and cleaners are not recommended for ZYX cartridges because their hollow cantilever will wick fluid up by capillary action. Is this correct? I have noted a clear benefit in reduction of surface noise from Stylast with my other cartridges.

Is there an acceptable way to enjoy the lubricant benefit of Stylast with ZYX?

Is there a different product I could use with this cartridge to achieve the same benefits?

Finally, is Stylast incompatible with other brands of phono cartridges?

I've never seen liquid wick its way up a drinking straw. I wonder how this occurs with a hollow cantilever shaft? If we are talking about a flat roof, I'll buy into capillary action, but not with a hollow tube.

I have used liquid stylus cleaners for nearly 30 years and have never had any problem. I'd say that the cartridge manufacturer is most likely concerned that there will be premature mechanical failure due to improper Stylast application and that they are using the capillary action statement as an excuse to address their warranty concerns. From a manufacturers standpoint, I'd want as many end users as possible away from the stylus tip. Denying warranty if cleaners are used reduces the likelyhood of early shaft breakage for those that may not know how to properly clean their stylus tip, break the shaft, and then try to make their mishap a warranty issue. How do you come across looking like a good guy if you deny a claim, even if you know it is a scam?

You can destroy a cartridge if you aren't applying the Stylast properly. It sounds like you haven't had any problems in the past ...
You don't "buy into" capillary action in a tube? What do you think a capillary is? Hint: check the circulatory system chapter in any anatomy textbook. The distance a liquid can travel due to capillary action is a function of its viscosity, the diameter of the capillary, molecular pressure and gravity. The drinking straw example is absurdly different from the cantilever of a MC cartridge.

I'd take ZYX's advice at face value. They don't say, "never clean your stylus". They say, "don't clean your stylus with liquid cleaners." That leaves the Zerodust, ExtremePhono and Twl's matchbook striker as viable, warranty-safe options.

As far as Stylast goes, if your technique is good enough to ensure it dampens ONLY the stylus and NEVER the cantilever, why not? Otherwise, proceed at your own risk.
So what is the viscosity of Stylast? What is the specific gravity? What is the molecular pressure? Can you prove that capillary action is indeed taking place or to what effect?

By the way, the match striker idea was around in the 1960's and is not a new idea by any means.
I, too, have used Stylast and other liquid cleaners for many years (at least 25) without a problem. Every time I read one of these warnings I stop for a while, but always return. My current cart (Grado Reference) has had at least 4 years of heavy use duing which i've gone through at least 3 botles of Stylast. But as they say, YMMV.
I have a Lyra helikon. I use Record Research #9. When I apply it, and get a little can see it moving up the cantilever. Darkens it slightly as it moves. Fortunately, it seems to evaporate quickly and never really goes inside the coil area (I hope).

I'll have to respectively disagree with jes45.
The manufacturer specifically states in the literature on the website that liquid stylus cleaners that could "wick" up the hollow cantilever, are not to be used on the ZYX cartridges. That's good enough for me.

Sorry that I came on strong, but it seemed you were advising him to blithely ignore ZYX's warnings. That struck me as imprudent when a $2K+ cartridge is involved.

CardiacKid's question was, "Will Stylast travel far enough up the cantilever of a ZYX to cause damage?" Neither of us has the data and scientific skills to answer, but the risk is certainly greater than zero. I prefer to heed the manufacturer's warning, you prefer to ignore it. YMMV, so he should consider both sides.

Will capillary movement of a liquid occur inside the ZYX cantilever? Sure. Water climbs up a drinking straw and the narrower the straw the farther it climbs. This effect is readily visible. Since ZYX chose to make their cantilever hollow, their warnings about liquid cleaners seem quite sensible.

I certainly didn't suggest match strikers were a new idea. In fact I credited a guy who's used it for decades himself, as you suggested. That makes it more credible, right?
Thanks, everyone. I get it. Stick with the zerodust for ZYX, which I also have and use.

One last question. Are there lubricants applied directly to the record that will not leave "groove grunge" or is record contamination inherent in any directly applied agent?
If you are really concerned about excess fluid somehow getting into the suspension of the cartridge, what you can do is use the applicator to brush the fluid onto the black handled brush that comes with the Stylast. Then use the brush to apply the transferred Stylast to the stylus. I can't believe there could be enough excess fluid this way to cause any concern.

I've been using Stylast for years and have never had any problems with it on the three Lyra cartridges I've used it on.