Sturdy Turntable Stand

I am looking for a very sturdy turntable rack or stand, preferably with a couple shelves below the turntable top shelf. I've seen a couple expensive ones. Any solid ideas that don't cost $3K or more?
This is the route I took for my Room 1 stand years ago; but I bypassed the retailer, and went directly to the Mennonite community. I had them build me a custom - very low and long/wide welded steel frame with hardwood top design. It has an equal width shelf using the same frame bars design below the hard top, that holds multiple bags of sand.
DIY: Baltic birch carcass screwed and glued to structural posts, 3 x 3/4" bb layer under solid slate slab, all assembled with elastomeric glue (Chemlink M1). Nearest thing to a concrete pillar.
Oh, brother! It’s the Amish vs the Mennonites. Well, shut my mouth and call me corn pone!
DuPont Corian is great. It’s very stable and inert. Easy to get a variety of eye-pleasing patterns, and machines like wood with a table saw.  
Geoffy, I’m surprised you didn’t mention your unobtainium coated banana springs.