Stupidgood: Ars Sonum

There are lots of "terms of art" used by audiophools to describe sound and equipment. I propose a new one - stupidgood - a piece of equipment that blows you away, as good as it gets (more or less), and the price or the looks of it makes you incredulous as to how good the equipment is. Of course, I did not come with the term; that would by Bobby P. (Mr. von Merlin) describing the Ars Sonum integrated amplifier. I've had separates from ARC, Joule, LAMM, and CAT, and I can tell you, the Ars Sonum is stupidgood driving Merlin VSM-MXes, which can driven very easily be this little 30 watt gem.

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How are those ARS-Sonums treating you guys? Any updated thoughts? I just sent my deposit in a few weeks ago. Now, some how I need to forget about it for 6 months or so.
Thanks for adding your input guys.

I'm tired of changing seperates every 6 months and just want to get back to listening to music and not thinking about the equipment. The ARS seems like the right piece to accomplish that goal. The Merlin TSM's, which I recently purchased, are the first speakers that I've owned that truly made me forget about a physical speaker and allowed me to just enjoy the music. It sounds like adding in the ARS is going to be just the right match to take me to the next level.

I can't wait to hear the ARS/TSM combination.
Edcook, that's great to hear, thanks for the input. I'm sure when I have a bigger room one day I'll want the VSM's but for now the TSM's are rocking my world. I'm very satisfied listening to them and can't wait to hear the combo when the ARS finally lands. Good times in audio!!!