stupid SR cable ?, can I string ICs together??

can I daisy chain my balanced synergistic ICs? will it mess with the active shielding or cause the shielding to make issues in the system?

I only ask because I just received my new SR cables and now my CD player has to go in for an issue with no idea on how long it will take to fix. I hate to have no music, but the only other player I have uses rca only. I really hate to take my acoustic reference out of the system and not having it burning in either though.

I wondered if I could daisy chain my acoustic with the accelerator between the pre and the amp and then use the RCA to the CDP.

If that won't work then what about RCA to XLR adapters? do those work in a pinch??

I know... it's a stupid question and all, go easy on me lol.
Certainly you can series connect your cables without causing any harm, if that's what you're asking? Obviously it won't yield optimum sound quality, which apparently you already realize. With or without the adapters. And you can certainly use different combo's of cables throughout your rig (many of us do that).
Another option is to drive the extra cable pair on a tape monitor loop (if you have that). Use you tuner as a signal source when you're not listening to anything else; just turn down the volume control to zero when you don't want to hear.
If I am understanding the posters question.
Can you connect up two Synergistic XLR cables together?
Yes, I think with XLR's it will work well.
Even using XLR to RCA adapters work well, no problem.

But, the real question is.. do you use 2 mini couplers on that connection (acoustic ref with the accelerator) or just one?
I dont know...
Oz I see what you mean now. Yes you would use two shielding power sources, one for each cable, even when series-connected. The shielding voltage stops at the end connectors; it does not travel through from one to another.
Well thanks Bob. I always was a little nervous to try that.
I tried XLR to RCA adapters. I talked with Ayre first and they were iffy on the use... but said try it if I wanted. So I did... and the sound was so horribly bad and confused it sounded like gibberish almost. I quickly unhooked everything.

So I called SR and talked with Ted for a bit. He said daisy chaining would work (although he had other ideas about what I should do) so I have them chained together, with both active shields on.

Doesn't sound great... but that's mostly because I now have a 10+ year old technics 5 disc changer with monster cable RCAs in place of my CX7e-mp.
You might try a non-SR with an SR in series. I am doing this to very good effect.