Stupid Question: How to take out tubes??

I know this is a stupid question, but i want to know how to take the tubes out when replacing them. I opened up my tubed preamp yesterday to replace some microphonic tubes but I wasn't sure how to do it. Do I just pull the tubes straight out, or is there a release lever on the tube socket. I dont' want to mess around with it unless I know for sure. The tubes are 6922. Thanks
Pull the tubes in an "upward/vertical" motion. Try to hold it as far down from the base as possible if you can. A soft cloth rug can help you hold the tube more solidly. If it seems that the sockets does not want to let go, use a few drops/spray of Progold and the like to "loosen" the pins friction from contact to the socket and with a pulling motion, rock it gently but not excessively.

I have never seen a tube socket with a release lever. Maybe somebody can answer you on that.
First, call them on the phone and ask them out ;) If they say no, then do the following:

turn the unit off, let any stray electrical charge dissipate, use cotton gloves or a soft cloth, pull them straight out of the socket.
I pull out the power cord, put on real rubber gloves, and pull them straight up. I got zapped once (putting a herbie halo on) so I use the rubber gloves now.
Remember the golden rule: The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. I pull straight up, but with a little side-to-side action. VERY LITTLE. It seems to help the tight ones come out. But you do run the real risk of breaking something if you are not VERY CAREFUL doing it this way. Cotton gloves help too.
Another tip, in addition to the gloves/cloth removal. Always make sure tubes (new or used) are clean with no fingerprints or residue upon replacement.
What do fingerprints and residue from skin do to tubes?
Dennis the Menace...They supposed can cut short the life span of the tube...but honestly, I do not know the chemical reaction and how the fingerprint grease can get into the vacuum inside of the tube, therefore, I am still puzzled at the advice.

If audio tubes have the same concept as regular light bulbs...then, I cannot tell. My lightbulbs have fingerprints on them, but they seem to work fine.
Close faucet prior using channel lock wrench.
They leave residual oils on the glass. They often tell you no to touch halogen bulbs with your fingers for the same reasons.
Thanks a lot everybody. I was finally able to muster up the courage to pull the tubes out. It turned out to be easier then I had thought. But as always, it is better to ask before jumping in blindly. Thanks again.
Tube don't get anywhere near the temperature of halogen bulbs.

Keep in mind that tubes were changed by home repairmen and by soldiers in the field.

Fingerprints and residual oils: The reason is that the oil on glass versus clean glass alone causes differential heating, and a more unstable environment, and the tubes (or halogen bulbs) are potentially prone to a shorter life.

Just my $.02.

Fingerprints on tubes.. Bogus nonsense !!! .................

Vacuum tubes are not halogen bulbs. You can get your grimy oily fingerprints on them all you want with no ill effects.

Just wiggle the tube slighly while pulling upward on it to remove the tube. It's not rocket science and again, don't worry about handling vacuum tubes with your bare hands - unless the tubes are still hot!