Stupid question from novice hi-fi person

This question may seem basic for some but, i'm still going to ask. Besides the internal components, what's the difference between a 2 channel DVD/SACD player like the Sony 9000ES and a 6 channel DVD/SACD like the Sony NS-900V? I guess what I'm really trying to get at is - I don't really understand the difference between a 2 channel and a 6 channel machine if they're both going through a DTS reciever.
DTS is for decoding DTS soundtarcks.

SACD is another beast altogther. Due to fears that you will steal their music, the music industry will not allow the SACD players will not put out a digital SACD signal.

Therfore, the digitial to analog conversion of SCAD's must take place within the player. This will then output 2 or 6 channels to go into the correspontding inputs in your preamp or receiver.

For 6 channel input you will need a receiver with pre-level 6 inputs (like the old ones, that were "5.1" ready). 2 channels should work with any receiver/preamp/integrated.

Other thing to note, the 6 channel machine will decode the 6 (multi)-channel layers of SACDs that have that mix; the 2-channel machine does not have that capability.
Yeah...what they said. It really depends on your system and what you want. If you have a 6 channel DTS receiver, 6 speakers, and want the sound to come out of all 6'll need a player that can decode all six channels and send those signals to your receiver. Your reciever won't be able to accomplish that unless it is provided with the properly coded signals from a 6-channel player. Your 6 channel DTS receiver cannot take a signal from a 2-channel player and convert it. If your system only consists of two speakers (and you don't plan on adding anymore), then the two channel player is the way to go.

It seems like SACD/DVD-A is going in the six channel direction for regular audio discs too, so that's probably the way to go if you have a DTS receiver and all surround speakers.
Thanks for everyone's input. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, having a 2 channel or 6 channel DVD/SACD player, the 2 channel or 6 channel only comes into play with a SACD? If I have a DTS receiver with 5.1 or 6.1 capability and I decide to play a SACD, on a 2 channel machine like the 9000ES, the audio will only come out of the front main speakers and nothing from my rears or center? I'm assuming having a 2 channel or 6 channel machine doesn't affect DVD or redbook CD playback? Thanks again for educating a novice hi-fi person.
That is correct.

Your DVD playback can still use multi-channel playback, since you can use the 9000es's digital output to feed the DACs (that's the Digital to Analog Converter) in your receiver (assuming the receiver in question has digital inputs).

CD can play either trhough the 9000ES's analog outputs (using the 9000ES's DAC) or through the same digital output as the DTS (using the receiver's DAC).

Redbook CD is only 2 channel, so either way you will not be missing any channels.

Don't hesitate to ask anything you may want to know; the people around here tend to be both helpful and friendly.

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Truthrider - you're right! Thanks for the insight.