Stupid question about WAMM. Is it really

Is WAMM really that good ? Anybody try to build their own WAMM ?
I can't imagine them being that good, of course I've never heard 'em. I've heard the X-1 series I and was not the least impressed; I wouldn't have even given $10k for them.
Yes, I built my own. Would you like me to build a pair for you?
I have heard them, and they are wonderful. Effortless, sweet, and majestic. Yes Dave, I would like you to build a pair for me-but first wish me luck on tonight's CA super lotto :). Ezmerelda-As far as the X-1 audition, sometime hear them well set up and you will change your mind.
I have not heard the WAMM but I have heard many other Wilson products and rate them with a handful of true State-of-the- art speakers. I have also talked with Dave Wilson personally and find him to be one of the 'true gentleman' in the industry. The WAMM must certainly be for the rare person who can not only afford but also appreciate such a transducer.