Stupid question about Sutherland Ph.D. phono pre

I've read with great interest many a rave review of the Sutherland Ph.D. battery-powered phono preamp. In many of these reviews, there's mention of using the pre with moving coil cartridges, but never word that a moving magnet cartridge can be supported. That said, the specifications indicate that the cartridge loading can be set at 47k ohms, which, I think, is the setting used by nearly every MM cart. Can this unit be used with either an MM or an MC cartridge? (I understand that most folks who drop $3,000 on a phono pre will likely be moving coil types, but I am wondering nonetheless.) Thanks, folks, for any help that you might give a boy with this. -- Howard
I would assume so. I believe gain is 45-50-55-60 with the stock gain boards. And besides the 4 settings on the loading boards, I understand blank boards can be gotten solder in your own selected pairs of resistors.

Best person to ask this question of course, would be to shoot Chad Stelly at Acoustic Sounds an email. Mark
Yes, blank boards are supposed to be available but numerous efforts on my part to get blank cartridge loading boards have come and gone without any results. I've contacted all the usual suspects and they all say they'll look into it and get back to me. They never get back to me.
Since the Unit is still in production, one would assume this should be a simple matter. Have Chad at Acoustic Sounds put you in touch with Ron Sutherland himself.

You might also be able to contact Ron through the manufacturer's list on this forum's homepage under Sutherland?
I've spoken with Ron once about the Sutherland PhD, found he was a good guy to speak with. Hope this helps, and do let us know how things eventually turn out, I'm a PhD owner as well, and would like to know the outcome. Mark
I used to own the PhD. Yes, you can use MM cartridges. It's likely that you can use the stock gain board at 45db and loading board at 47k for most MM cartridges.

Although the PhD is the quietest phono stage I've owned (very important since I use Avantgarde Duo horns), I prefer the overall sound of the Diyhifisupply LCR Cole phono stage at half the price. Considering that it uses vacumm tubes, it's quiet enough in my system with more refined sound. I recently sold my PhD here for $2200. They come up fairly often.