Stupid question about Revel speakers

I've seen several ads on Audiogon for Revel Ultima Studios and for Ultima Salons and for Studios and Salons....

Is this just sloppy advertizing or was there an earlier set of speakers without the Ultima in the titles?
Revel makes two series of speakers - Ultima and Performa

The Ultima includes - Salon, Studio, Gem, Voice, Embrace and Sub15/LE1.

Performa - F50, F30, M20, C30, S30 and B15.
Sfstero. Thanks but by that do you mean there was never a Revel Studio, just a Revel Ultima Studio. I know about current models.
Keis, that's right!
And - they are GRRRREAT!
At first there were only Ultima models so people didn't mention that part of the names, just Studios or Gems and Salons. Now there is the cheaper Performa line as well and people are using the whole name. (not that it matters since none of the names overlap to either product line).