Stupid question.....

I have a 5.1 integrated which offers 125 wpc. My speakers cannot be biwired. If I run two channels into each of the + and - of my speakers, am I in fact running 250 wpc into my speakers? any danger for the amp? is there any risk to short channels by running two + into my speaker +?
A) You won't get any more than 125 Watts per channel that way. The two channels will not add together like you're thinking. B) Yes, it could damage the amps... Definitely a bad idea!
I think not only "could" it damage the amps, it will certainly do so. Even if that weren't the case, does your amp have the ability to run "left channel", for example, into more than one of its amp modules? If not, they you would just be getting the 'surround' info with the 'extra' channel and that won't do you any good anyway.
Tks, it sounded stupid but I wanted to be sure how stupid...really stupid!
never like that