Stupid?? Phono Pre question...break in

I hope this isn't as stupid as it sounds...

I have a question on phono break-in. I have a Slee Era Gold, and it mentions that after unplugging, it will take about 72 hours to warm back up. When they state 72 hours, do they mean just keeping it on and plugged in for 72 hours, or actually playing music through them during this break in time?

They probably mean plugged in to allow the internal components to reach--and then stabilize--at their optimum operating temperature.
I found that mine (Gold Reflex) required more than just leaving it on for 72 hours. Mine gradually and continually sounded better after listening for about 3 weeks.

I also tried speeding up the burn-in process by hooking up my CD player to the phono stage and playing Granite Audio's phono burn-in CD.
Thanks for the replies...we'll see how the next few weeks go.