Have Bel Canto CD2 and interested in buying a DAC3 to go with it. I know I would run my balanced cables from the DAC into my amp. How is the CD2 connected into the DAC? Via AES? I also need to connect my sub which at this time is connected to my CD2 via Rca's as I am using the balanced into my amp.
Thanks for the help as I called Bel Canto 4 days ago with no response.
Since it looks like the CD2 has the same analog outputs as the CD2, you should be able to connect your amp and sub as you currently are. And it looks like AES/EBU digital from the CD2 into the DAC3 would be a good choice.

If your sub accepts balanced connections, you might consider using them since the cables will probably be longer to the sub than to the amp.