Stunning cable comparison

Although not a veteran audiophile, my ears are pretty good on details. Therefore, I'm stunned as to what I'm hearing when comparing several different cables with my system. I have a HT setup with a Classe' SSP-25 which has a good analog bypass for stereo listening. My two channel amp is the Innersound ESL with ML Aerius fronts, Cinema center and some Mirage omnipolar rears with a B&K 4430 for the center and rears. I also use a Mirage sub and a Sony progressive scan DVD player which sounds really good with CD's.

Now here's the mystery. When purchased new from my local Tweeter (gasp!), the salesman hooked me up with Monster cable saying I didn't need much more since I was using a Yamaha receiver. Now that I have upgraded to separates, I am beginning to try other cables in search of better two channel sound. My first "upgrade" was Signal Cable shotgun biwire cables. They are about the same as the monsters in sonic detail (I'm having trouble getting detailed mids and highs). The choice of Signal Cables was an attempt to work my way up slowly and hopefully enjoy the ride as I audition better and better (subjective) cables. Also, I installed Signal Cable IC's and PC's which have made a remarkable inprovement to my system. Much tighter bass and more detailed mids and highs. Night and day from the Monster IC's that Tweeter sold me. OK, finally to the mystery. I recently decided to "upgrade" cables again and researched the gon for folks using the ML Aerius and found that many used Acoustic Zen Satori's and were satisfied. Long and short of it...I purchased a near new set of 8' spade/spade Satori's and cannot believe what I am hearing. The Monsters and Signal Cable wires are much more detailed with cleaner and tighter bass. Go figure...Can anyone explain why $600. cables don't sound as good as $100. cables??? One other note. I am still using the original brass plates that came with the ML's to connect the high and low binding posts on the speakers. I have tried using bare 8 AWG wire but it doesn't sound as good as the plates. Will a good set of jumpers help and if so, any recommendations as to which ones to purchase? BTW, the sound is now acceptable but I still want to improve it more if possible. It sounds great in HT mode. Just lack a little in stereo. Also, I know all of my connections are being made properly.

Thanks for any intelligent responses/recommendations.

I am not familiar with your cables, but I would give them some time to break in before drawing any conclusions about their performance. I know there are many here who do not believe in break-in, but I have seen significant changes in speakers, amps, cartridges, and, yes, cables. In my experience, break-in is very real and the improvements almost unbelievable until you experience them for yourself.

Good luck.
100 to 200 hours for a real cable evaluation. If you do not break them in you may never find out and may never realize the experience of breakin. In other words if you blow it off this time, you may make the same mistake next time you introduce a new component into your system. Tom
Agreed. Let the Acoustic Zen cables play in your system for a few weeks, then get back to us.
I'm sure you guys are all right. I now recall a long burn in on the Signal Cable wires. One day I suddenly realized the sound was MUCH better. This will probably be the same case noting that Acoustic Zen is well known for their superior sound quality. The former owner said only 40 hours or so are on these cables.

Anyone have recommendations on jumpers. I would like that to be my next tweak.

Thanks for the responses...

I don't find it strange in any way that cheaper cables of one design (manufacturer) sound better in your system than more expensive cables of another. You are looking for cables that bring out the best in your system and perhaps hide some of the deficiencies. This may or may not be a more expensive cable.

Generally as you move up the chain within a certain manufacturer's line you will hear improvements, but if you switch to another line of cables then all bets are off. The cost of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and profit margin vary widely among manufacturers, so expecting a $1000 cable from company A to sound better in your system than a $500 cable from company B based soley on price is highly speculative.

Throwing money at the problem does not necessarily equate to an improvement and this is more true in the area of cables and tweaks than others.
Try and their $20 jumpers.They have a return policy and if you are impressed-upgrade to the Omega Mikros.I believe that those "boot-straps" are keeping you from making progress else-where.Everything will improve by removing them.
I can agree both with Walter's and with Herman's comments. I will add that the Satoris have been the best speaker cables I've used in my own system to date.
Cables store energy and discharge it back into the circuit creating all sorts of problems,very few designers know how to cope with problem so price is usually not a solution.