Study/office system

I'm not very technical on products, thus the reason for the request on advice. Looking to obtain a nice "office" system for my home to run either a pair of cm-7's or ML's. Office is about a 12 x 16. Just for music. Sonos/cd/vinyl.

Love the thought of mcintosh integrated or tube set up, but also live in NC and curious on thoughts of Cary Audio (based in NC).

Looks like they have a nice line of products? Service and support good? Products reliable/durable? Anyone paired their products with the aforementioned speakers?

Not sure abou the speakers, But I'd give Cary a listen over ac anytime. I've oened both and Cary smokes em. Service is vey reliable and so is their equipment. Good luck
I absolutely agree with Polk 432 about Cary products. I've owned an amp, preamp and now the Sli-80 F1 integrated and found all of them them to be great pieces of gear. I'm a big fan. I've owned a Mcintosh amp and preamp in the past and liked them a lot but I'd pick Cary over Mcintosh any day

The build quality is excellent and the designs are very straightforward. The one experience I had with service from Cary was great. Even though I wasn't the original owner and the amp wasn't under warranty they were very helpful in solving a relatively minor problem with a remote control module.