studiophile active monitor

I tried the M40 with 20WPC and I couldn't believe what I am hearing from these little speakers for such a little output power.

With the rear port plugged ,all I can say is WOW. The high is smooth,mid is clean and clear and mid bass is tight. Classic rock at low level still sound fast and punchy.

Are active monitors that good?
Well I can't imagine they are spectacular. But I can see the benefits. And if you like them then you like them. They certainly will cater to the computer and near-field listener and since they are active there are many less components to clutter your desktop. Also, 20WPC for small speakers like that is actually quite a lot. It really only takes a few watts on average to drive most speakers.
Well,I personally never heard a nearfield computer monitor sounds that good. Sure it has it downside when turning up loud, the bass is boomy and the M40s are very directional but now I can have the headphone effect by seating very near between a pair of M40 while working on my laptop without wearing the Sennheiser.