studiolab speakers

anyone ever hear of or use studiolab speakers?

made in Toronto, ontario, CAnada...

REference series is fantastic!!!!

look em up was tough for me to take them seriously until i heard them...

thoughts/ info?

not a single one of you has heard the StudioLabs?

You're all missing out!!!
Yes the Ref 1 and especially Ref 2 sounds really clear. Not muddy nor crisp, just clear.
They basically hand build each speaker to order so each one is tuned to the cabinet and checked out manually.
Yes this may sound like the speakers would be more expensive but their overhead is actually low since they sell by word of mouth most of the time by people like me who are owners of their speakers.
For the same money I paid for my earlier reference and soon to be mine, a new Ref 1, there are many similar quality speakers. If you add custom built and consider the customer service which is second to none and a staff that will call you or email you personally back for any issues, it was an easy decision.
Hi There:
I have owned StudioLabs speakers for the last 28 years.My lastest are a pair of ReferenceTwo. What can I say about them beside the fact that they are awsome in so many ways.
They in my humble opinion could compete with much more exspansive speakers and make them sound poor.The Reference
TWO sounds very smooth an detailed and it's built quality is top notch.The will in the not to distant future be more
known as the owners of StudioLabs are starting to now sell
through a network of dealers in Canada anyway not sure about the US market.I wish more people would give them a try as they are phenominal speakers.
Hello and I hope this question is OK to post under this thread and forgive me if its not.

I have come across some StudioLab 3 ways speakers and my question is this. These speakers have 2, 12" woofers in them and so would I get more base out of my current system with these speakers or should I just get a bigger and better sub?