Studio vs live

Are there any songs for which you prefer the live version over the studio?

I have a couple:

Dire Straits On Every Street
Genesis Misunderstanding (from 3 Sides Live)
Fleetwood Mac Silver Spring

I'll think of more...
"Silver Springs", very obscure. Great song. And definately great live but also great on the only album that I thinks it's on; "The Chain, 25 Years Collection."
Almost all Jazz seems better live.Live it's recorded Midnight to Two (Musicians regular hours).Studio recordings in the daytime,when musicians would normally be sleeping may be bio-rhytmically challenged.That's just my theory.
Love the live from Hell Freezes Over--"Hotel Ca."-- and most everything else on that album.
Re. Pink Floyd, Delicate Sound of Thunder----The studio version sucks---after hearing the live version; as I own both.---As far as I know this PF DSOT, never made it to dvd. I used to have it on lazer disc.((No Roger))
Tower of Power Soul Vaccination Live
Huey Lewis & the News (alive at 25)
Rush Exit Stage Left
Maceo Parker Roots & Grooves
Queen Live at Wembley
Bryan Adams unplugged
Count Basie Breakfast Dance and BBQ