studio/nearfield/bookshelve monitor or speaker

My next audio system purchase will be based solely on these recommendations;thankyou all in advance for your responses, I am searching for a studio speaker that will be used for both studio monitoring and solid state stereo music reproduction.Room size 12x12 (treated),acoustic music and vocals,shelf or wall mounted,close toback wall,moderate volumes,Creek 80w power ss., and Creek cd player,Monster cable and connects,$1000 budget
With 80 watts of the Creek integrated I think you would be quite impressed with the KEF Anniversary LS50's.
Used Merlin TSM monitor old enough to meet your price range. Why? Because it is not vented and will not produce nearly to much loading off of the wall when you place it near or against. Also, they are just that good and will easily be driven by the Creek.
Celtic66,Thanks for your recommendations,will do some used Merlin TSM research.
Tom6897,Thankyou for your recommendations,I think I could listen to the LS50 at my local Ovation Audio store.
When I saw studio monitoring, I immediately thought of the NHT M series. Of course,they are active but you could go direct from the Creek CD through any passive attenuator (NHT makes one) and then into the M00 or M60. I am using the M00s and they are very neutral w/o sounding dry. They were designed for monitoring and have a nearfield and mid field switch and a -10 dB attentuation switch as well for pro use. They accept RCA, TRS, or XLR connectors.
Revel M105s would be ideal in that room Just a little more than your budget....
ATC 7s
Bose 901 in mono. Mono. Art first.