Studio monitors for listening to music?

I have been shopping around for something to use on my desktop and possibly transport to my kitchen for a small room setting as well.

I have come across quite a few options out there, including stuff from Audioengine, Kanto, M-Audio, Swan, Quad Active, etc.

I did find a particularly good deal on some M-Audio Studiophile DSM's as well. About $200 each, and was considering going for those, but am concerned about their "musicality". I don't actually like how the Swan M200 MKII's look, but they can be found for only $250 b-stock right now, which is a pretty nice price.

Any thoughts about using Studio monitors for nearfield/small room listening, or any speaker recs for that matter?

Thanks much
NHT M00 active monitors w 75 wpc amp built in. Well worth the used price and designed to integrate w a sub.
Mackie active monitors are great, and can kick butt. Not expensive, especially used.
IME, they're all over the board (pardon the pun). I don't know the DSM specifically, but M-Audio is generally solid (not great) and a very good value. I have a pair in my kitchen attached to a Sonos wireless distributed music system. They're on when my wife and I are preparing dinner and they're fine for that task.

OTOH, something like Lipinski is much more than merely a solid performer, but not nearly as striking a value. I like the NHTs quite a lot at the price, Mackie and Samson much less. To be fair, the Mackie and Samson systems/set-ups I've heard have been less favorable, so a grain of salt is in order to accompany that judgement.

Put Adam on your short list. I used their smallest, A3X and have been very happy with the sound. Previously I've owned Audioengine A5 and Swans, and my friend has NHT's. The Adam are far superior to any of those. A bit more money, but well worth it, and don't let the size fool you.
Looking for a 'deal'? That is no way to go about doing serious 'listening'. Best you grab a pair of NHT 1's. Very musical, no bass. Should cost about $100.
Thanks for the input so far. Any other would be greatly appreciated.
I love the little Quad 9Ls. I have them and they are very natural. I use them on my computer. I also have the bigger 12Ls, also very nice nearfield with deeper bass and more depth in the soundstage. I feel no need to look further than the Quad actives for desktop listening.
I also have the Swans, but like the Quads better, with sweeter highs and a more coherent sound.
If money is a serious considerations, I would get the Quad 9Ls,
maybe used, and not think twice, unless you are a bass-head.
I have a pair of Genelec 1029a for my computer. You should be able to get a pair for under $400 used. They are excellent but no bass. I use them with a Hsu sub for excellent nearfiekd sound. They blow away the m audios, which I've heard and krk rokits which I've owned.
Look at Genelec and Dynaudio actives. You'll be glad you did.
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