Studio monitors as Audiophile speakers ATC, PMC

ATC and PMC monitor speakers may also be used as living room Audiophile speakers. How will the Dynaudio Air 20 or 25 active professional monitors compare to these well regarded also as living room Audiophile speakers.

Any problem using studio monitors in a living room, if not why specifically designated as studio monitors? Are these voiced differently i.e differ the ATC domestic line compared to the Studio line, soundwise?

Any input appreciated on studio monitors as high fidelity speakers as I evalute going for any of these
active speakers and especially the Dynaudio Air at the moment.

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Studio and domestic line-ups are identical, the difference is finish, domestic offers wood veneers for example. This is true for PMC and I believe for ATC as well.
And it is the design and intended application that determines near-field or not.
I own PMC IB2S and would certainly not listen to it from 1m distance.
I listened extensively to the Dynaudio (model with a "5" in the model name) and the genelec 8430 - I thought they sounded great. The idea of a powered speaker is technically a much much better idea than the typical audiophile speaker - the amps are matched to the drivers and there is no wasted power - maybe a 50 watt amp for the tweeter and a 100 or larger amp for the woofer- I was looking for something in a tri powered unit and just could not find anyone in the DC area or even close that had them in stock to demo - the nearest I could come was a drive to Connecticut to hear the ATC 100 - I like to do a number of demos before I buy and that would have meant a minimum of three trips. So I opted for a different avenue -went with a big amp and tried and true speakers that I liked. But I see absolutely no reason to not use true studio monitors in the living room. A second bonus is the people selling those tend to be more professional and less into the snake oil. All the guys I ran into in the pro audio type shops were either musicians or ex roadies. Anyway if I were after a pair of bookshelf size speakers - you cannot go wrong with the pro studio monitors - one thing I would suggest is listen to a number of units in an a/b test - When I first heard the dynaudio's I was impressed, but listening to the genelecs - for my style and tastes, just blew out the dynaudio's. Good luck.
Most of the small boxy studio monitors are intended as nearfields and will often have a narrow or controlled dispersion. ATC, PMC and Genelec (newer models like 8050) tend to be wide dispersion and will be better for home.

Studio monitors vary in presentation too - quite considerably from precise/clinical to warmer designs that will put lipstick on a pig (make a bad recording sound ok) - so demo and choose what fits your taste - they are often more forward sounding in the midrange and can consequently sound more realistic on horns although many will find this harsh, raw or PA sounding. Generally they tend to have wider dynamic range (greater dynamics and can play much louder cleanly) when compared to domestic hi-fi speakers. They often have less bass extension but will be punchy and more accurate instead. (bass sells - so that is often what you get in abundance in a domestic design)

ATC pro models have a clipping LED and a rounded smooth edge baffle (so they can work without a grill). If you like to see the drivers (grill off) then you need to go for a pro model or make some kind of frame for the baffle to eliminate sharp corners.

Apart from looking ugly (compared to some of the beautiful domestic designs avalable) they can sound great (provided it fits you taste).

Larger studio monitors - like Westlakes - tend to go in walls (soffit mount) - this is regarded as an optimum solution in most studios for main monitoring (realistic playback for clients, bass checks) - these are obviously much less suited for domestic use.
I had my Focal Twin 6's in my living room for about 6 months until I got my SP Tech 3.0's. They sounded great. I could easily live with them as main speakers. $3k for a pair of speakers with built in amps. That's hard to beat. The Twins are back in my recording studio.
Any problem using studio monitors in a living room, if not why specifically designated as studio monitors?

I don't know about other speakers but as Sashav has pointed out, the only difference between the professional(studio) and domestic speakers in the PMC line-up is in the finish. Hence, there is no issue on using PMC studio monitors in domestic applications.
How do you guys connect studio monitors.I have Dynaudio BM5a
active monitors, no idea how to connect.
Oh, I have Onkyo TXSR805
Hey Unijabass,
Just plug them into your preamp where you would normally plug in your power amp.
Hey Spenceroo, thanks!I'll try that.
I'd check your manual for recommended hookups. I believe your Onkyo is a powered receiver, not a separate preamp. I'm not too sure about hooking up powered speakers to a receiver. Maybe someone will chime in about that.
the pre outs could be fixed or variable. Fixed would require the volume to be adjusted from the powered speaker. Therefore, ensure that the powered speakers volume is turned all the way down or you will be in for a loud surprise.

If variable outs, the volume of the powered speakers would be controlled by the receiver.