Studio by Donald North Audio

I am in wonder regarding Donald North Audio's Studio speakers.
I have never seen anyone mentioning them? How come?

I remember liking the Sequence when it came.
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Very interesting speaker from the companies description but only available factory direct. That’s probably why no comments from anyone. A lot of $$$ to spend for a speaker without hearing it first.

I’m interested in them and would be willing to take a trip to the company for a listen.
physically they resemble some of the big Polks from yesteryear ... techinically a totally different animal ... not sure any of the audio rags will review them due to limited distribution
Not really understanding the 3 way active crossovers function with these speakers?
I understand the bass and midrange drivers have no passive capacitor components and an active crossover is necessary but the tweeter has a cap in line. Why would you need an active crossover for the highs??
Or really the other way around, why would you need a cap in line with the tweeter when there is a fairly sophisticated 3 way active crossover??

Just an observation and probably a misunderstanding on my behalf.
Understanding circuitry as little as I do, I probably shouldn't post this question but, what the heck, it's free: Does that seem like a lot of circuitry in the crossover? I mean, aren't many amplifiers designed with minimal circuitry in order to minimize their influence on the music signal? And if so, wouldn't it seem at least counter intuitive to put that thing in its path?
Sorry, my post is regarding the DNA Sequence.
I've heard the Sequence, it was very good. I think, to use a worn out phrase, it needs to be heard. It offers a somewhat approach, i have not heard. I was told, the Studio had bettered the Sequence in some ways (Sequence is Ref still though!).
In a jungle of boxes, i never seem to get these out of my head. The Studio would sound superb with a small wattage tube amp or a very good ss amp. I would imagine, if i could, i would buy a pair. I just hoped i would find some of you guys who actually jumped the train;)
If you find anything of a more close approach, pleae get back to this thread are you nice:)