studio 100s and CJ MF 2500 a good match ?

i am using a anthem pva 125 wts now but am looking to upgrade soon,any ideas?
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You need a 2 watt set amp.
hello Radiob,if i had your speakers 2 watts would be great!your system sounds good
check into the portal panache and the bv audio a300s integrated amps.
cj mf 2500 owners,are you happy with this amp?
I recently added the 2500A to my collection trading up from the 2250A. Let's start with the 2250A. It is a sleeper of an amp. Sterophile rated it class B and the MV 60 SE class A. I had the MV 60 SE. The ratings should be reversed. The 2250A, like all CJ amps is musical. It has a tube warmth to its midrange, that I only noticed after ABing it with the 2500A. The 2250A has tight bass, clean and accurate midrange and open and detailed top end. And, as mentioned, it has a tubby weighted midrange, but not as sweet as the MV 60 SE. But it is faster and more powerful than the MV 60 SE.

The 2500A opens everything up. The bass is clean and deep, but now accurate and articulate. The midrange and top end become specific. Instrument and singer placement is exact and intricate. The soundstage becomes more engaging and higher. Left/right soundstage goes all the way out to the walls, without exaggeration or coloration. The amps is natural, neutral and airy. It is effortless. yes, I like it.

Is it worth the extra money over the 2250A? Hard call. It depends on the rest of your system, expecially the front end. To me it was. Once I heard it, it was a sound that I could not get out of my head. It is a second amp and may become the primary.

I hope this answers your question.
thanks Cellorover,sure helps,sounds like an amp i would enjoy,im pretty sure ill be upgrading to a 2500 soon,another month or so of working overtime LOL