Studio 100 v.5 versus Mirage M3si

Are these speakers in the same league? I listened to Studio 100s and they sounded great to me. I have an opportunity to buy Mirage M3si without a demo, just relying on reviews and word of mouth.

I will be listening in a carpeted large room, 1400 sq ft, and enjoy everything from jazz to rock and rap...even opera.

Your experience with these two speakers is appreciated.

Thank you
By critical listening, i guess i mean to ask if the mirage is more entertaining because it has a more "colorful" or accentuated sound, that might be interpreted as "inaccurate" by some.

Does that make sense?
I like the Mirage much better, but that doesn't mean you will. To me, Paradigm is a fairly typical box speaker. Boring is the term I would use.