Studer a730 professional cd player

Need to know if any members try using the dac of the studer a730 or a727. That is to say having and external transport digital output then feeding the the signal to the studer a730, so the studer acts as a dac. I don't know if this is possible? I try using the unit as a transport with an external dac and it sounded pretty decent. But I was curious and would think that it should work as a dac since my unit has the philips tda 1541a s2 chipset, hoping the dac section of the unit can outperform many standalone unit dac out there. Also If any members experience using an external clock feeding it to the studer unit, i would be interest in hearing your experiences as well. Your advise is much appreciated.
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The A730 nor the A727 have any "digital input", so they can not be used as a DAC. The D741, which is a cd-recorder, has a digital input, and can be used as a DAC.

The DACs in the Studers are very fine very "studiosound". I personally had a A730, and i still have 2 A727 cd players , one D741 cd recorder and one D730 cd player. The A727 are very dynamic sounding. In some way they are superior to the A730 because the A727 are better in bass area. The D730 is a complete marvel. Very soft , analog and yet ultradynamic sound with incredible rhythm (PRAT).

My 2 cents

Thanks for the detail. With all the three unit that you had, you personally would pick the D730 over any of the Studer or Revox? I was thinking about picking up a D730, but hesitate b/c it uses a newer chip set TDA 1547 and cdm 4. How does a newer chip set compare to the TDA 1541 and cdm 3 laser mechanism. Please advise?
The D730 is THE best cd player from Studer and i prefer it over everything. The A730 was very good but it lacked bass in some way. The A727 is my preferred player for classical music. The sound is very "flat" but yet dynamic and musical. The "PRAT" is wonderful on all STUDER cd players. Very sad they don't make them any more. I might sell 1 Studer D730 and 1 Studer A727 in the near future.
I've compared the Studer D730 and A727 again.


The A727 is VERY DRY and it seems almost bass and treble are truncated, BUT IT IS NOT !!! It's because it is very flat and dry (master tape like). One of my preferred players overall.


The D730 is more detailed, having the same characteristics as the A727, but with a little more bass and treble extention. Nevertheless, it's sweeter and therefor sometimes not so realistic as the A727. But still it stays a fantastic machine.

Studers are like Thorens TD124 mk2, EMT930st etc... they will be the classics of tomorrow...