stuck in quagmire of speakers,someone pull me out

need new speakers and have shortlisted the following .my room is small and i need them for music.please help
quad 11L
b+w 602
mordant short 904
monitor audio bronze 2
mission m34/51/53
wharfedale pi20
def tech SM 350.
heybrook hb3.
Of the spks. on your list I'd be inclined to go w/ the Monitor Audio's. I hope your condition improves and clarity/focus returns. This is the only the beginning...if you choose to persue this hobbie. Whichever spk. you choose, they have to have synergy w/the rest of your equipment/room/your tastes, etc, etc....Lots of factors involved! What equipment are you using? Good Luck!
We'll need to know your associated equipment and musical tastes to give any quality advice.

Also, are you open to used? What's your budget?
I'd add the Epos es12s and then go to a few dealers and listen (try to use the same amp). You don't have to hear them all, just listen until one sounds right. You'll know when you hear it. You have a good list, but now it's up to your personal taste. don't buy anything on the basis of advice from this board without first hearing it. If you do so you may as well buy used ... at least you'll not lose money if you don't like them.
You call that a short list?? :-)

How many of them have you actually listened to? I agree with Sean Taylor--that's the only way out of the quagmire.
i have a marantz 80wx2 amp and a rotel rcd 951 cd player.i listen to country,soft rock,folk,fusion,classical,jazz. i do not like metal,techno ,rap.I have not heard any of the above and have compiled the list from consumer budget 400$.for some reason i need to chose from the above brands only.there is no epos dealer in my that of any help,guys?
The best choice is to go and listen. Choose a couple that you like and then go for an in-home audition.

If you're buying any of these sight unseen, then I'd reluctantly recommend the B&Ws simply for the reason that they'll hold the most value should you decide to try something else. I don't, however, think that they'd be a good match for your system.

You really need to listen. Also, I can't help but notice that almost all of the speakers are British. Coincidence?

You should probably add a couple of Canucks to the mix - Try PSB and Paradigm.
Try ProAc,Spendor,Dynaudio and Vienna Acoustics too.
I agree w/the previous posts. You really should go out and audition (perferably in your own home) and see which will float your boat. You'll need good stands as well. (Consider Atacama Nexus 6) You can read reviews on and to get a sense of others experiences/impressions of various products. Good Luck w/your quest.
Hate to enlarge the list...Castle,SPendor,Sonus Faber...all available used from time to time...cheers...also...the B$W 601 is a great little speaker too...