String Together MIT XLRs?


I'm in a new home and setup and thinking to move my rack into a nearby closet.  I currently have MIT MI330 XLRs from my pre to my amplifier.  I've been searching for nearly a year now for some longer cables (I need 7 or so meters to make this run the way I'd like it) and not finding anything.  There is a 17 meter set here that is well beyond my price point, and there are a couple of pairs of longer XLRs available on the used market in Europe right now that are close (5 & 6 meters) but not exactly right.  I think the new stuff is stupid expensive and not gonna drop $10k on a comparable set of cables when that is close to what I paid for my Scala Utopias.

My question is, can I string two cables together?  Anyone do this with MIT XLRs?  Pros, cons?  One set currently available is a MI330 so likely the same performance...thoughts?
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You can always string cables together, but I challenge you to buy a set of Mogami XLR that don't soundd better.
Thanks @erik_squires!  I've got a 3 meter set of older Mogamis that I'm gonna put on my MI330s to give it a shot and see if I like the configuration.  I've also got a question into MIT about what effect they believe stringing cables together might have (say if the second cable has higher number of poles).  It sure would be easier to spend a few $$$ bucks on a Mogami cable!
MIT cables explicitly add inductance or capacitance. That's their shtick.

They want the cables to have character, so twice as many of them, twice as much character.

Mogami attemps to lack character and be as purely resistive as possible.