strengths and weaknesses

Focal sopra 2   vs   sonus faber  olympica 3   what do you think ? 
Heard them both. I liked the Olympica 3's much better. Seems better balanced. 
I have heard both and I think they are both very fine loudspeakers.

But I am not in the market for new speakers.  I assume you are though because you posed the question.

So the more important question is what do you think?  Which one sounded best to you?

Focal sopra 2 has Much more intresting sound.  Sonus Faber is too silky and soft for my taste.
Never listened to the Focal Sopra 2’s... but I do own the SF Olympica 3’s. Best sounding speakers I have ever owned...they are plain superb across the board. Feed them the quality power and source they so deserve...and they will perform magic in your room.