Streaming YouTube

Lately I've been watching/listening to some YouTube music videos e.g.  Elise Legrow, The Teskey Brothers, Tedeschi-Trucks etc. via a Sony Bravia > Cambridge CXNv2 / Luxman LX-380 / Devore Super Nines. My old ears like the sound but wondering if anyone has suggestions that might improve the sonic quality or if this is even possible. thanks


YT uses lossy compression. There's nothing that can be done to recover the discarded information.

Not to mention there is no quality requirement for integrity of input files, before they are mercilessly compressed.

It’s amusing seeing the hi-fi system videos that are on YouTube. I don’t know how you could possibly hear what  loud speakers could do using the YouTube medium

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I don’t know.  Optical to a good Dac and you can get pretty decent sound. Some dacs can upconvert to a high rate and the sound is very good.