Streaming: WiFi or wired??

Looking to get a new streamer for a system based on Kii Three. WiFi signal is good but I’m also told that wired is always better. Specific streamer advice also welcomed; (no need to rip CD's). Thx in advance for any/all advice!
Bluesound wireless code is a trainwreck.  The Node 2i I'm trying out drops off the wifi network every few hours requiring a reboot to show back up.  No issues with any other wifi components on the network.  After conducting some research, this appears to be a long standing problem which Bluesound has failed to fix (among other wifi issues).  If you're getting a Node 2i (which is otherwise a nice fully featured streamer at the pricepoint) expect that you'll need to hook it up wired.
Using Node 2i on wifi. No problems.
Your mileage may vary depending on router and signal strength
I only stream, and I've been testing wifi and Ethernet connections at various stages of my stereo build. 

The last components I upgraded were the power supplies for my streamer, modem and router, and the Ethernet cables connecting them. I used the iFi power components because they are the most affordable low noise power supplies I know of ($50 or $100 depending on the amperage requirement of the component).

I added the LNPS's over time, and can say that the sound went from raw to refined when I replaced the streamer PSU. Next I replaced the modem PSU. The difference there was slight, but the sound had added resolution and body. Then replacing the router PSU changed the sound from edgy/fatiguing to relaxed.

So much of this hobby seems to revolve around prioritizing upgrades correctly. Sometimes an upgrade has no affect because of another bottleneck in the system. And only after I resolve the other bottleneck does the first upgrade become meaningful. 

What's your experience, OP?
I run wireless and have no issues but I also have a good router and strong signal at the location of my streamer. I have a Bluesound Node 2i and a Benchmark DAC 2 HGC. No issues with signal dropping out when streaming Tidal or Qobuz.

I have pulled 2 runs of cat6e from my office-router across the house to my living room (via the attic and walls) for my smart TV and network reciever (Arcam SR250). This was done out of necessity. It was an option to add a run for the streamer but ultimately it was not worth the extra effort as there was no problem to fix. 

Also, it makes no sense to run ethernet cable in your home that is rated higher than the cable used for your incoming service. I got a couple partial boxes of cat6e left over from a commercial jobsite but my service provider ran cat5 into the house. If I was buying the cable, cat5 would have been just fine. Just my two cents.
I use WiFi, but if I could use Ethernet I would.  The usual issues people have is channel congestion with neighbors.  Depends on where you live and who is around you. In an apartment, getting a clear channel can be a weekly time sucker.

In a home on an acre of land, not so much.